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Terms and Conditions of Kickstarter Referral Program

  • As restricted by Kickstarter, the Referral rewards must be capped to the amount each backer has pledged to the campaign (;

  • The validity of the reward depends on the success of the campaign. Should the campaign of Gunshin: Three Kingdoms fail to meet its funding goal, the Referral Program shall not be sustained and there shall be no reward for all backers;

  • Each backer can only submit 1 referee;

  • The Reward is limited as available credit on Pledge Manager only, depending on the service provider's availability, cash or credit card credit may not be provided in this program. ​

  • Spamming or harassing backers are strictly prohibited. Should we receive complaints of spamming or harassment of referees, we shall conduct investigations. If the complaint is sustained, the corresponding spammer or harasser shall not receive any referral rewards.

  • If the backer does not submit the Kickstarter Survey, which allows the backer to indicate referee, within the feedback collection period (no shorter than 2 weeks), the referral will not be counted and the referer will not receive any corresponding reward. 

  • Personal information (Kickstarter profile name, email address, and other information) collected for the program shall be kept confidential and shall be used by Gunshin Games for future promotion unless informed otherwise by participants. 

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