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Our Story

One step away from dream come true. Wondered how the idea of this boardgame stemmed? Check out our story below and join us in this wonderful journey.


The Sparkle

Loved to play strategic and battle-illustrating games like Risk, Total War, and Age of Empires, I always have the hunger to enrich the game and provide it with more strategic flexibility and possibility. Meanwhile, it also seemed even better to play on a lively, tangible, and delicate 3D landscape model...


The "Immature" Trial

Well... needed to study for the public examinations, and did not actually have sufficient money to kickstart the project, the idea stalled in my mind for years. Not until I was a university student, I researched, learned, tried, and failed, and yet, I finally managed to complete the very first draft of the game and the 3D landscape model on my own... 


Trust From The School

In 2019, the game embraced its very first acknowledgment. This was a year when most of my friends and me were striving to get a remarkable internship and a decent academic result. Nevertheless, I really hoped this game can excel and bring enjoyment to people around us. Therefore, we applied the Entrepreneurship Acceleration Fund (EAF) from HKUST. 

And starting from this very moment, the development of the game was re-ignited, and it really accelerated, like the fund promised...


Design Re-defined

We hope not only to re-define the design, but also the tabletop gaming. With the fund and the supports from friends and family, efforts were made, sleep was sacrificed, and resources were spent such that the game could be enriched, beautified, and completed to bring joy and hope to people all around us. 

However, the journey was not as smooth as it may seem...


A Click Away

Designing and developing a tabletop game is never an easy task, not to mention the scale of our team. However, we always try our best to deliver and to accomplish what we have been dreaming for. As of this moment, it is just one step away from actualizing our dream to bring innovated and refreshing tabletop gaming experience to the world, despite the difficulties and sadness it came through. 

Please, join me in the voyage and support our dedication. Let us bring joy and hope to this world together! 

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