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Updated: Oct 28, 2021

Since I was young, I have always enjoyed playing strategic and battle simulating games, be it a tabletop game or a PC game. Age of Empires, RISK, and Total War Series are some of the games that I have spent hours, if not days, and I still enjoy being immersed in playing them. At the same time, Three Kingdoms, one of the most fantastic, romantic, and heroic era among Chinese history, was my favorite part of Chinese culture. When I read about the Champions’ stories and battles, I could not help imagining if there is one day, I can simulate the fierceness of battles, the cunning yet intelligent strategies, the solemn and magnificent sceneries, and the champions’ charisma in a form of tabletop gaming.

The diversity of tabletop gaming nowadays proved the wideness of spectrum which the players pursue. Some may desire resources management, some may look for strategic flexibility and possibilities, while some may pay extra attention to the aesthetically designed characters and game components. Such difference in players’ wishes paved the way for a more diversified board game ecosystem. Nevertheless, the motto of which I insist is that the game designer should serve and cater the players instead of solely the publisher or the designer himself. Therefore, in the design process of Gunshin: Three Kingdoms, not only do we pay extra attention to how each game elements may affect players’ experiences and feelings, but we also take care of the interactions, emotional accumulation, and atmosphere among players when the game gradually develops. To be very honest, it is difficult for us to impress everyone who tries the game, however, we promise that we will take players’ experiences as our foundations and we look into details, so that you and your friends can immerse in the game and enjoy the thrill that is brought by the game and community.

With such belief in mind, Gunshin: Three Kingdoms is a 3D landscape tabletop game with countless potential result, unlimited flexibility and possibilities with rich historical content, not to mention the magnificence and delicacy of the revolutionary 3D landscape game board. Gunshin: Three Kingdoms aims to break the current boundary and horizon by innovating a brand new experiences to players, which they can devise strategies and galloping the battlefield, and enjoy the heroic yet treacherous Three Kingdoms era with friends and family.

Last but not least, we never forget our belief.

Taken in 2012, the very first draft of Gunshin: Three Kingdoms. I made it when I was secondary 3 (grade 8). Compared to the current version, it was indeed too primitive. Anyway, it has made a good progress, hasn’t it?

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