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Result of Giveaway Campaign

«軍神·三國傳» 發行特別大放送結果

Winners please don't forget to contact us to claim the prize!


Grand Prize



Diamond Prize


1. julykan

2. andrei_cfc

Gold Prize


1. chrissyvalkyrie

2. allzweck

3. paolo_delightful

Silver Prize

1. wfoon

2. ltf1023__________

3. polinggchuuu0_0

4. queenie_cwyyy

5. tse_everest

6. rammsteinfan123

7. hammer_ckl

8. martinlaisir

9. bengbuffett

10. alloyhsu

11. pazu_cheng_1215

12. anthomorel21

13. kelvinn.chan

14. devilsdontcryblacktears

15. yaussssss

16. kenneth411_lcl

17. cedrictkc
18. therandommeeple

19. s9915085

20. yuenwaiyu

• The prizes will be released as tailored offerings on Pledge Manager, therefore, winners should back the project on Kickstarter to grant access to Pledge Manager.
• The validity of the prizes depends on the success of the campaign. Should the Kickstarter campaign of Gunshin: Three Kingdoms fail to meet its funding goal, the prizes will not be sustained and there shall be no reward for all winners.
• Spamming or harassing of community members are strictly prohibited. Should we receive complaints of spamming or harassment, we shall conduct investigation. If the complaint is sustained, the corresponding spammer or harasser will be considered as forfeit and his/her entries will not be included in the drawing.
• Per Instagram rules, this promotion is in no way sponsored, administered, or associated with Instagram Inc. By entering, entrants confirm that they are 13+ years of age, release Instagram of responsibility, and agree to Instagram's terms of use.

獎品將會向指定帳號在Pledge Manager上送岀,因此,得獎者應在Kickstarter上預購以獲取Pledge Manager的存取權。



根據 Instagram 規則,此促銷活動不是由 Instagram Inc. 贊助、管理或關聯的。參賽者應確認他們已年滿 13 歲,免除 Instagram 的責任,並同意 Instagram 的使用條款。

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