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Gunshin: Three Kingdoms

“Empire, long divided, must unite; long united, it must divide. Thus it has ever been.”           - opening lines of Romance of the Three Kingdoms

“Gunshin: Three Kingdoms” is a solo or cooperative historic battle game for 2 to 6 players. Set in the miracle era of ancient China – Three Kingdoms – where battles were fought, power was seized, and heroes were born.


Each player controls and manages a campaign, which possesses cities, armies, heroes, and gold, aiming to defeat enemies and conquering China. Heroes, in addition to playing an important part in history, also serve a crucial role in the pursuit of victory of the game, where each Hero has its own specialized ability(ies) and corresponding types of troops (cavalry, archer, infantry). Players are faced with unlimited strategic decisions ready to be made - Strategies behind how the player allocates resources, how he/she controls the map and orchestrates beneficial battles, how, when, and where to deploy appropriate Heroes and troops, and even how to negotiate with other players – all of which will be the key to victory. Players are encouraged to implement new strategies and tackle situations in different ways, ensuring no two games play alike.  


With a realistic landscape game board, the richness of historic content, and multi-dimensional gameplay mechanisms and strategies, players can immerse themselves in an unprecedented, revolutionary experience.

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